Winter O Winter

Winter o Winter
Winter Blus

Winter O Winter

Winter O Winter, how are you dear Winter? Winter is a season-best for many; yet cruel to some. How is it for you? Have you traveled to places where it is snowing? Have you traveled to places where the snow is frozen and you are welcomed with houses with the white roof or even igloos to warm you up in the frigid temperature? Tell me one thing, are you a winter person or a summer person? I am a mix of both but I prefer spring to be precise. Spring is neither cold nor hot and having the weather patterns just right! Wouldn’t you agree? Now, let us enjoy the goodness of the sun with the harshness of the winter season as well as it’s a joy! Oh, what fun is to enjoy a good piece of the poem! What are you waiting for? Go on, read it!

Winter O winter, leave in haste

Why are you not letting us all flutter,

Let the chocolate ice-cream be taste

Thou shall not bathe in the sun,

Thou shall not swim in the pool of puns.

Winter, Such rigid Winter,

Give us all a hinter

Why you let us tither,

No hellos, No goodbyes,

All we do is cut our ties!

And shiver ourselves like a cry

Snuffed at home and awake at night, 

The brain has lost it to go about a fight,

What to do, what not to do,

All I can think of is to sue.

Are you thinking of a ‘who’ ?

Shine some light, 

Let the sun speak to us in sight,

We will be all in smiles,

Just like heavenly sweet tiles. 

Basking is all what we want to do for miles!

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