Best two-wheeler insurance

Finding the best Two-Wheeler Insurance

by Rohit Gulati

Two Wheeler Insurance- Buy Bike Insurance Online in India

How do you figure out which is the best Two-Wheeler Insurance? There are many in the market and you generally get confused about which one to pick. You do a number of phone calls and the customer service representatives confuse you more! How do you know how effective they may be? Oh, what now? Putting your hands over your heads and scratching your hair off? I so relate with you! Why not take the best advice from Rohit Gulati, one of the best financial experts I have ever known! He has presented few tips below to spot a good Two Wheeler (Bike) Insurance.

What tips should I choose for the best two-wheeler insurance?

Tips on how to find the best two-wheeler insurance
  1. Best IDV value IDV (Insured Declared Value = Current Market Value of the vehicle).
  2. Easy access to cashless garages.
  3. Personal accidental cover available.
  4. Hassle-free claim process.
  5. Effective customer care support.

What are the consequences?

Fine in Insurance

Insure your Two-Wheeler quickly otherwise you are fined Rs. 1,000, along with a court challan. Do not get your vehicle impounded by the Traffic Police officer. Isn’t these scary consequences? My gosh, it is! I would always want to be protected by insurance! Now we all know that insurance is mandatory along with the purchase of any vehicle, on a global level. Choose the best one!

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