Travel to Himachal

Travel to Himachal

Travel to Himachal

Part – II

You must have read my previous article on my journey of Himachal in the past few months. It calmed your mind and also instilled in the energy of traveling or trekking in the hills? Yes! I knew it! Let’s travel to Himachal! Up for a vacation? You don’t require any Epass now or any covid report to visit the mountainous state! Oh No! You haven’t read till now? Then, what are you waiting for? Read it now! Click on the below link to read it once again if you have already read it before! I am sure the below-mentioned article will make you motivated to get you up and rolling and on the road to Himachal. So, let’s get rolling!

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travel to himachal
From the rooftop in Nahan, Himachal!

What do you think when you hear the word ‘himachal’? The land of the gods? The tall himalayas? The towns/cities on the mountains? Mountain yogis? Peace and calmness on top? Well, for me, it means ‘Fresh air’ & a ‘stress-free’ enviornment! Now this article is about expressing your love on himachal! I will be speaking about my journey in other states as well. Please be patient. Now, coming back to Himachal. How would you feel like having tea or coffee on the roofs of these majestic mountains? Amazing right? Or maybe work from the mountains? Also, How about a poem to sing along to? What say? Don’t worry, it will be super short!

travel to himachal

A Poem for Himachal

Himachal O Himachal,

Chale kahan banane kuch pal,

Barfile pahad pe karein sair,

Hum sabko gehr ke maze mein hai parwat ke lehar!

It was super short right just like I promised? Now just keep singing these few lines and you will be in Himachal in no time! (in your dreams as well!)

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