Storytelling in Advertising

Storytelling in Advertising

What is storytelling in advertising? Isn’t it needed for brands to communicate with the mass public? What about curating a message so powerful that it penetrates the minds and souls of consumers of all ages, around the globe? Given it a thought? Check my poem and identify the magic!

Storytelling Furniture Ads | Ikea, Catalogue ikea, Catalogue
How’s the storytelling idea of Ikea? (by in Pinterest)

Pictures, text, and emotions,

Are all juggled in magic potions?

There is such a world online,

A world without any lines.

Comedy, entertainment, and symphony,

All to keep our minds sunny.

Oh hey, what’s that fluttering around?

It’s your imagination waiting to be found.

The nerves, the veins, the heart,

A message strikes thrice with a sharp dart,

Where is the beat of this rhythm?

Oh hey, let’s catch ’em.

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How do you like my sweet poem on the storytelling of advertising? This poem itself is a story. Poems are always the best form of storytelling. What’s more? It is well versed with jingles. You just need to create a small impact, no matter how deep it may be. Words are the building blocks of each creative idea, both small and large. Each word can make or break an advertisement. You all have seen examples of it online and even offline. Wait a minute, even in real-time you may be experiencing it.

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