Copenhagen the heart of Denmark

Copenhagen the heart of Denmark

Nyhavn ~ Copenhagen’s Main Photograph!

Welcome to Copenhagen, or ‘København’ (Danish language) ~ Capital of the Kingdom of Denmark! It is Denmark’s precious gem! Copenhagen is certainly the jewel of Denmark (I believe so!). It is a city of cyclists. About 80% of the population travel by cycle to the office or for any errands. Copenhagen is the heart of Denmark. Copenhagen is located in the Northern Part of Europe.

Denmark borders Germany to the South & Norway/Sweden countries in the North. It is a beautiful country & I insist that you travel to Denmark. Explore their exotic nordic culture and get exclusive details about the Vikings!

OMG, Vikings! You must be screaming! Yes! Vikings were Danish and thrived well! We shall visit their ancestral place of Roskilde, where we have a Viking Museum in their memory. Well, it is covered in this travel diary! You have come to the right place! Let us explore all the major places in Copenhagen! Let’s start with the most famous ‘Nyhavn’ (popularly as the Face of Denmark ~ can be seen in the above photo). Definitely an exciting Euro-trip!

Nyhavn ~ Colorful Buildings

Smile Please! Ha! Ha! @ Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn is one of the most popular hangout points at Copenhagen! You see almost everyone taking photos of the fine colorful buildings (that we can see in the above photograph). These buildings look so nice in real! So mesmerizing! You can take a boat ride every 30 mins from this very location and will give you a tour of the best ‘places to visit’ in Copenhagen, as it moves within the Canals. Please use the bicycle while exploring Copenhagen. It is an Eco-Friendly Act & the majority of Danish citizens use the bicycle to commute to work or for leisure. More photos of Nyhavn coming up! It is the 1st site to explore!

The Nyhavn Yard
The Nyhavn Canal
The Beautiful Colorful Houses!
That’s the Spirit!
Boat at Dock!

Let us all go for a boat ride in the very same boat that took me around the Canals and into the sea bordering Denmark & Sweden!

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Places to visit in Copenhagen

Canal Tours | Copenhagen
The Danish Flag!!
Beauty is in the Ride!
The Danish Yachts!
Copenhagen, the Jewel of Denmark
More Yachts!
Denmark’s Opera House on the waters!
Copenhagen, the Jewel of Denmark
The Parliament of the Danish Government!
The Bridge Connecting the City with the Coastal Area!
Christiansborg Palace (Also it is the Danish Parliament) — > To the Left
Copenhagen heart of denmark
The Sunny Coast!
Copenhagen the heart of denmark
Ships Ahoy @ Harbor!
Copenhagen heart of Denmark
Just Wow! Over the Canal!
Copenhagen heart of Denmark
Some Houses on the Riverside!
Copenhagen heart of denmark
Picturesque Copenhagen

Enjoyed the Boat Ride? Then you sure will enjoy our Walk around the famous places/things to see in Copenhagen! COMING UP in my next blog post!