Travel Poems for Your Soul

travel poems for your soul

You all know by now that I love traveling, far and near. Thereby, I have written some travel poems on the travel genre and experience. These travel poems are for your soul to feel fresh and to set travel goals. It was fun writing them. Hope it’s a fun read? I frequently write poems to speak to you through them. Let’s see if you are able to decipher them accurately. Challenge accepted?? Shall we begin?

Traveller Sparks – Best Travel Poem

Source: Business Traveller

Travel beyond your imagination,
Yet, do not misunderstand it as an infatuation,
Be creative, enthusiastic & optimistic,
You will be on a quest to explore the mystic.

Walk Away & Travel

Source: Make My Trip

It’s time for you to move & walk,
A good time for your travel plans to lock,
Pack your bags; try not to miss a sock,
Are you ready to get off from your block?


Dream a Flight

Source: WordPress

Let yourself live, Let there be light,
Be kind & board a flight.
Dream of spots you wish to see,
Hover over your dreams like a honey bee!

Tropics & Topics

Source: Nasa Climate Change

Get colored with the tropics,
Make sure you talk about major topics,
Enjoy in the oceans & the seas,
Yet, indulge in their exotic teas.

Venture city to city,
Lots of Nations are in your kitty,
Relish their beautiful delicacies,
But, ignore all malignant prophecies.

Your peers may laugh at your doings,
But, You are better of canoeing.
Let them snooze,
Pour over them a bucketful of booze.