The California Science Center

The California Science Center

Los Angeles trip was soon to end with the California Science Center as its last stop. Exciting American Travels indeed! I had a chance to view the very old NASA space shuttle ‘Endeavour’ that went up to the moon and back! It’s engines, its design and all elements attached to the space shuttle were on display! Even the Fast Jet Spy Plane (photographed by me in the below image) was at the entry welcoming you! Also, you could also enjoy the aquatic world as part of the Nature Tour wandering around various habitats of the globe!

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The Fast Jet ‘SPY’ Plane

Spy in the Sky! ~ Los Angeles, California, USA
The Spy Plane!
The Nose of the SPY Plane

The ‘ENDEAVOUR’ N.A.S.A Space Shuttle

United States’ ENDEAVOUR! (N.A.S.A Space Shuttle)
NASA Shuttle
California Science Center
The Space Shuttle
The nose of the space shuttle
The Space Shuttle Engine
Spot me? Ha ha ! The lighting was dark!
Inside of an Engine!
The Fuel Tank Supporting the Space Shuttle when launced into Space!
Controls inside the Shuttle!
The way how the shuttle is carried into Space!
The Airpod (Passengers use to eject out of the Space Shuttle)
US Air Force!

The Sea World ~ Aquatic Habitat

An aquarium of lovely fishes and workers in dive suits

It’s better to pre-plan your visit if at all you are interested, from California Science Center | The California Science Center. I got myself a NASA tee from its gift shop, still wear it!