Have you missed flights?

Have you missed flights?

How many of you have missed flights? You? Oh, you also? Well, join the club! I have also missed many flights, and I would define them as hilarious experiences. Would you like to read about them and imagine the unexpected? Well, read away and keep scrolling down. You are in for a joyful ride!

Missed Flight to Ottawa, Canada from New York City, USA

This happened when I had caught an early Air India Flight from New Delhi, India to New York City, USA. Though transitioning, the baggage on the belt got delayed. I had to quickly rush to the flight counter to get my boarding card for Ottawa; however, it was too late. I had missed my flight! After a narrow miss, I was told to book another flight but from another airport. The airport, La Guardia, was my next stop from JFK airport (the largest airport in New York City). La Guardia is located in New Jersey – the neighboring state of New York and was an hour away from New York City. I was told to pay an additional $35 for the next available flight to Ottawa. So, I did. I took an airport shuttle to the airport I had to take the next flight from. What a ride, eh?

Missed Flight to Ottawa, Canada from Washington DC, USA

Who could believe to be stranded at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC? It was that moment in history where I had transited to Washington DC, from New Delhi. Onwards, I had seated at the designated boarding gate. I was exhausted and slept at the boarding gate only to wake up later at an empty gate. I had wondered why no one was at the gate. Had I missed my flight? Had I overslept? I checked the departure screen. My boarding gate had changed! I quickly found out the correct gate and rushed to it. I had my cabin trolley bag with me and caught the next departing sky train in time to catch my flight from another terminal. It was a long sprint! I finally boarded the flight, five minutes before it took off! Saved from another miss!

Missed Flight to Ottawa, Canada from Toronto, Canada

Well, this was a funny one! Also, it was a scary flight! I still remember the date! My first flight to Canada (destination Toronto) started on Aug 08, 2008. The date was forecasted to be the date of doom! It certainly felt like that. Starting off from Delhi to Amritsar and then onwards to Toronto, the Air India flight was a very turbulent one! It got scary towards the middle of the flight journey! Thankfully, we landed at Toronto Pearson Airport. However, our connecting flight to Ottawa was a no-show and had to rebook another flight instead. We couldn’t book our seats as it was already full and had to miss that one. But, we were able to get on a flight around midnight (EST – as per the Canadian Clocks) and took off for Ottawa. I still remember that August 08 was a day of pure tardiness and exhaustion!

Missed Flight to New Delhi, India from Moscow, Russia

My connecting flight from Moscow, Russia to Delhi, India had a stopover in between. I flew from Russia to Seoul, South Korea, and then to New Delhi (my final destination). Since I had missed the direct connecting flight from Moscow to Delhi, due to a mechanical failure in the engine of the previous flight (from Belgrade, Serbia to Moscow), I had to be re-routed to Seoul in transit. Though it took a whole day to reach New Delhi, this experience was not forgotten.

Were you in for a bumpy ride?

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