English IELTS tips

How to do well in the English IELTS?

by Naina Singh Chauhan

Remember, cracking the English IELTS isn’t tough. It’s an easy walkway considering you are up for the examination ride. In my earlier corresponding articles, I have mentioned various tips and tricks to ace your IELTS exam. Nevertheless, have found additional resources that may be of use. So, how to do well in English IELTS? Follow how I had cracked it in the first attempt (mind you, I was studying 4 hours a day and 6 hours on weekdays and weekends respectively. I am a woman working around the clock in advertising. Nevertheless, scheduled time especially for IELTS 2 years back. My results were as follows: 9 Listening, 8.5 Reading, 7 Writing, 7.5 Speaking (CLB 9). So, how to do well in the English IELTS? Check out the English IELTS tips below.

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Easy steps crack the IELTS exam

English IELTS tips
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  1. Start practicing 6 months before you decide to give the exam (Keep a tentative date for the exam as a deadline)
  2. Dedicate 2 hours early morning for fresh learning & 2 hours before sleep for retention & recall.
  3. Start with the easier section – Listening. This section holds greater weightage than all other sections. If you earn a 9 band in this section, it will uplift your score to greater potential. Keep your ears open to understand different accents – American, Canadian, British, Indian, Australian and many others which you will hear as speakers in the Listening section. The speaker may confuse you by saying something else first (which can be a possible answer to the blanks in the section), and then speak about another statement (a realistic answer). Now, it’s up to you to listen carefully to spot the correct answer and not confuse yourselves. Keep an eye for it!
  4. Practice speaking by listening to the speakers’ accents. It will help mold the words in your mouth and speak freely. Listening can aid with the Speaking section! You will be confident and will pick up speech quickly. Pick a friend of yours and speak on the phone maybe for 20 minutes or so. Also, practice model questions infront of the mirror. It helps secure confidence!
  5. Start reading english novels – romance, crime fiction and horror. These genres have the best vocabulary that can help your writing. Also, it will help you identify the meanings of the words as well in the reading section. Also, it will help you in the Reading section as well.
  6. Try to maintain a blog page to influence and tame your writing skills. Trust me, you will learn how to articulate content and use variety of writing structures (simple, complex, compound, question etc) that are used to evaluate the Writing section in IELTS.

Other resources

What’s more? I have personally taken guidance from E2 Language team and Fastrack IELTS by Asiya on Youtube. You can also purchase a membership from them to be enrolled in their routine classes.

  1. E2 Language: (69) E2 IELTS – YouTube
  2. Fastrack by IELTS: (69) Fastrack IELTS – YouTube

Happy Studying!