A Frog in the Pond

A frog in the pond

A Frog in the Pond

I know you all must be tensed or caught up in the hectic work lifestyle at the moment. Covid-19 has got us running to complete our tasks as it when it arrives at our desks. Our desks at home are occupied with notebooks and pens. How about a fun poem to read to relax for the day? I destress and declutter my mind by writing. You can also create your own poems or doodle along with a blank page. Trust me, it will help you breathe in between a hectic day. Why not you do the same by reading? Here I present to you a poem named “A Frog in the Pond”.

The Frog Sits on a Leaf in the Pond. | Frog illustration, Frog drawing, Art  for kids
Photo Credit: Pinterest

A Frog in the Pond,
What a beautiful bond.

Where is the golden fish,
Mr. Frog, please do not see it as a dish.

The Frog jumps on a rock,
Look! The Dragonflies have arrived in a flock!

The Dragonflies sing a beautiful song,
The Lillies in the water resonate with a tong.

It’s a nice day for everyone,
Anyone else for some fun?

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