Travel Essentials or Hacks – What items to carry in your travels

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Travel Essentials or Hacks – Items to carry with you in your travels!

The lockdown is soon going to be over (maybe 2 weeks or 2 months?!) depending on the status of the COVID-19 infected rates and other statistics. The travel ban will also lift, firstly domestic sectors post 17th May, and then if the coast is clear, the international travels will resume. I hope COVID-19 slows down! Many of you are wanting to travel abroad right? Somehow, trying to remain on your seats at home and constantly waiting when the international travel ban will lift? Soon, pretty soon! Do not lose hope! In the meanwhile, you should read what all the essential items you need with you in your travels! DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT THEM! I had left one important item (you will know in my next post), and I regretted it! REMEMBER these hacks and you will have a happy and smile travel life!

Travel Adapter/Converter

The Travel Adapter is a vital item to carry in your handbag or even luggage on your next travels. It’s better to tuck them in your cabin baggage/handbag as you would need them at airports of various international destinations where your charging cable may not work due to different voltage ports (110V) and the charging cables (straight wedged or round wedged or two-pin system instead of three-pin or vice versa). This MIAMI CarryON travel adapter is the best that I have so far as it is customized to USA/Japan/Australia/Europe and other countries. This is the item that I had forgotten in my previous journey to Europe. In the very first days, charging my laptop died and I couldn’t find a similar adapter to plug in to charge my laptop. Annoying right?

USB Chord (of all kinds & sizes)

USB phone laptop charger travel essentials travel hacks
Source: Wirecutter

A USB Chord is highly important to carry while traveling! In case you don’t have your charger with you in your rucksack or handbag, you can charge your phone with the USB cable connected to your fully charged laptop or via USB outlets in airports or any nearby kiosk. Such USB outlets are also available in major prominent markets available in your area if you are traveling within the city! So, choose wisely and keep it handy!

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A Change of Clothes

clothes in travel 
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Source: The Spruce

A change of clothes is absolutely necessary for cabin baggage, for traveling. What if your checked-in baggage gets misplaced in airports? What if the airline sends your baggage to another destination by mistake and you don’t have any clothes to wear for the missing days? What if you accidentally drop food or spill a beverage/drink on your clothes and need a quick change? If you don’t have a pair or two change of clothes handy, what will you do? You would have to buy another pair of clothes at the airport or in the city (destination where you land) and it will cost a lot of money and burn a hole in your pocket! Won’t it? So, better pack two pairs as additional, but in your immediate luggage, i.e. the cabin baggage which you carry always at the airport or in the plane or wherever you go out!


powerbank mobile powerbank travel essentials travel hacks
Source: Naina’s Powerbank (5200 Mah) @travfashjourno

Who would want to leave their powerbank behind? An alternative source of power and charging device, the powerbank will power up your phone in a matter of minutes for a day’s use at the most! You can take with you 2500 Mah / 5200 Mah / 10400 Mah powerbanks with you. They are extremely handy and you will not feel afraid of having your phone switched off! Majorly, you receive calls and you can answer them with ease instead of worrying about not able to connect with your office colleagues or friends or family. BUT, MAKE SURE YOUR POWERBANK IS 100% CHARGED!! With the USB Cable (another handy item on my list), you can have your Powerbank plugged in for charging!

Your Camera

Source: Naina’s DSLR @travfashjourno

A camera is a must for travel!! Won’t you want to capture the world in your camera for memories and showcasing it to your fans on social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc)? Btw, you can look at my travel page on Instagram ( & Facebook (! You can also make similar pages just by photographing beautiful shots of the world! I know you are a photographer! Don’t think, just act! DO NOT FORGET THE CAMERA! I had done twice though my phone came in handy, photographs taken from a professional camera is priceless! Right? Btw, a camera is counted as extra free cabin baggage, you don’t need to worry!!

Laptop & Mobile Chargers

Source: Naina’s Phone & Laptop Chargers @travfashjourno

Laptop & Mobile chargers are very important in your travels!! You will be locked out of the world of communications if the batteries died. Thankfully, the Powerbanks, USB Cables, and the Portable Adaptor/Converter are excellent compliments and saviors! But, you will really need your chargers with you as the main source of power! BUT, KEEP THEM IN YOUR CHECKED-IN LUGGAGE as they ARE NOT PERMITTED in HAND LUGGAGE! If you are travelling intercity outside the airports, then you can keep them in your carrybag or your backpacks and can charge anywhere in any fast food joint or coffee shop in case of low battery!

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