La la land – song

‘La La land’ – Song

Howdy peeps! How are you doing? Good? Great! I have come up with a poetic song – the ‘La La land – the song’. I wanted to make a poem of it but instead, I got into the flow of a song! My mind flows well, right? HAHA! So, let’s see how it goes for you. I hope you enjoying reading my song and maybe catch up on some tunes at the back of your mind. In this sultry heat, all I can think of creating songs and poems to de-stress. Is it the same for you?

music la la

It’s a La La Land.

Musical with a rocking band,

Are you up for an adventure,

Or would you prefer a boring lecture?

Come one come all,

Let’s gather around the nearby mall,

Dance & singing it is,

For sure not to miss!

Hands up in the air,

And grab another set to pair,

How are you feelin’

Hope you are not planning of leavin’?

Get groovy with the spirit,

Move your body to the lyrics,

With few magical hands,

You will be welcomed in the La La Land.

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Wake up wake up! I bet you are already in a jiggly trance, am I right? It happens. I am always in a musical trance. With headphones plugged on your ears, eyes closed, and imagining all the different stories that you would love to be in. How tranquilizing would be that be? Just being lost in thoughts with psychedelic lights everywhere! Wish the cognitive reality strikes pretty soon! Contact me at Any feedback will be appreciated!

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