Advertising in the Summer

Advertising in the Summer

How many brands do you know who take the first opportunity with advertising in the summer? Can you name a few? Let’s name them together. I have a complete list compiled:

  1. Hamdard’s Roohafza
  2. Tang’s Glucose Beverage
  3. Nestea’s Icetea
  4. Daikan’s Air Conditioners
  5. Whirlpool’s Air Conditioners
  6. Tim Horton’s Summer Coolers
  7. Starbucks’s Summer Coolers
  8. Swiggy’s Summer Choices
  9. Zomato’s Summer Choices
  10. Blinkit’s Summer Choices
  11. Lotus Herbal’s Sunscreens
  12. Dot & Key Sunscreens

But, is it just about bringing about the brand recall when you think of summers or thrive in the season? Or is it about creating experiences and molding consumers’ behavior preferences when it comes to purchases and consumption?

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Looks like summer’s jealous of your chill!

Summers are terrible in India, well it is this year in 2024, with a heatwave approaching drastically. Temperatures soaring above 45 degree centigrade (Yikes! Is that even bearable, you might think?). Well, not really, but what to do? We cannot leave the country as a result. Travelers may to enjoy more cool than others, but it depends person to person. How I wish to travel the world and not think about anything else. Looks like summer’s jealous of your chill!

Summer Sizzle or Fizzle?

advertising in the summers
summer advertising

Summer’s here, and with it comes a predictable wave of advertising. From ice-cream commercials dripping with nostalgia to travel deals promising paradise, brands are bombarding us with sunshine-drenched visuals and carefree vibes. But is this seasonal surge of advertising genuine, or simply a bandwagon effect?

The Allure of the Sun-Kissed Sell

There’s no denying the power of summer imagery. It evokes feelings of freedom, relaxation, and happy memories. Brands capitalize on this emotional connection, hoping to associate their products with those positive vibes. A refreshing beverage becomes the key to unlocking endless summer adventures, while a new swimsuit promises poolside confidence.

The Art of the Seasonal Strategy

Savvy brands understand the importance of tailoring their message to the season. Summer advertising often employs brighter colors, upbeat music, and lighthearted humor. Social media campaigns might feature user-generated content of summer fun, fostering a sense of community and authenticity.

Decoding the Rise of Advertising in the Summer

Beyond the Beach Blanket: Authenticity Matters

However, the line between genuine connection and forced trend can be blurry. Consumers are increasingly skeptical of inauthentic marketing. An ad campaign that feels generic or simply piggybacks on the summer theme without a strong brand connection is likely to fall flat.

Striking the Perfect Balance

So, how can brands leverage the power of summer advertising without resorting to cliché? Here are some key ingredients:

  • Focus on a genuine brand story: How does your product enhance the summer experience in a unique way?
  • Embrace user-generated content: Show real people enjoying your product in authentic summer settings.
  • Target strategically: Don’t just throw summer vibes at everyone. Tailor your message to resonate with your specific audience.
  • Offer real value: Go beyond the aesthetics. Promote summer experiences or benefits directly linked to your product.

By creating summer advertising that’s both relevant and engaging, brands can avoid the “sizzle and fizzle” effect and forge a lasting connection with their audience.

What do you think? Are summer ads a welcome escape or a marketing overload? It’s a temperature overload!

The Heatwave is unbearable for some in India. I have been patient but still impacted my health. Await my next blog article on the same! Coming soon!