Social Media Advertising Impact

Social Media Advertising Impact

Social media advertising and influencer marketing promotions are vying for dominance in today’s digital marketing arena. I am sure, you aren’t here to disagree. Content is the supreme pivot of persuasion. To create a powerful campaign, you require strategic brains that are very rare to find on this planet. Not everyone has an imaginative mind that can concoct ideas and visualize scenarios in a jiffy. To crack a strong, meaningful yet a viral campaign, you need to be a visual communicator. Thereby, you will create a social media advertising impact for the brands that are in your vicinity, or lose catching the last seat in the bandwagon. You don’t want the wagon to trail off without you.

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What’s the Purpose of Storytelling?

In my earlier articles, I have spoken enough of storytelling. Storytelling is needed. What’s the purpose of storytelling in creative advertising? It is absolutely crucial, without which the campaign will not have a backbone. Consider storytelling as the nucleus through which a campaign is brought to life. Just promoting the product or the brand front face won’t be a good option, but would make it look like its forced marketing. It will be really nice becoming a part of that story you connect with via the social media campaign.

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How does Storytelling Work?

Learn from the best – me! Haha, enough of positive reviews about myself. Jokes apart, how does storytelling work? It works with just a creative switch, just like a switch to turn off or turn on the humanity switch by Vampires, in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ American Television Series. Like I said, people with the creative switch are difficult to find. Work with those in your team who have the creative intelligence. What is the inspiration? Content on TV, Films, Music etc. inspires my thinking mind into doing great things. Has your mind started creating scenes already? If yes, then you have the creative switch! 🙂

Storytelling has proven to create a positive social media advertising impact. Don’t you think so? Any stories worth sharing? Hit me up at! I shall share your success stories through my blog! You will be amused at many stories being shared over the web on the cause of social media advertising impact. Stories are a lovely piece of your life!

Which stories have created an impact for you? Do tell!