Seattle’s Museum of Flight


Welcome & Enjoy the Tour!

Charles Space Gallerey!
Location: Seattle, USA

As the museum says, “There’s No Better Space on Earth”! Rightly said! Seattle’s Museum of Flight is itself a story! It displays planes from WWI – WWII (War Times) & the First Boeings & the first set of airplanes of major airlines to fly across the globe, including US President’s Air Force One (the very old version) & Concorde (the fastest flight on earth)! A 3 hours tour at the most! I was fascinated by it all! It’s best to wear light & comfortable clothing (it’s very hot during summers)! The best time is to visit Seattle during summers only. Else, you will freeze! Also, do not forget to carry your shades (Sunglasses) to protect your eyes from the sun!

Let’s meet the friendly Astronaut from NASA!

The NASA Astronaut says Hi!!
Model NASA Space Shuttle

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The Concorde ~ British Airways

Pointy Nose of Concorde – British Airways
Ready to enter!
Wohoo! Love the Nose!
Say Cheese!
The Tail of the British Airways Concorde!
The Powerful Engine!

Air Force One ~ U.S. President’s Plane

Air Force One ~ Plane of US President!
The Living Desk of the Former Presidents inside Air Force One
Let’s rest?
Tring Tring, let the phone ring!
Type Writer Desk for US President’s Secretary!
The Meeting Room!
Seats ~ Leather!
An LCD TV! Just imagine! It’s like a house!
The Powerful Engine!

More Powerful Planes ever to exist this earth!

The Engines!
Chinese Boeing! The Very First!
Fed Ex Express!
Boeing 747!
The Engine + Wheels!
The Bottom Half!
The Wheel!
United Air Lines (Commercial Flight)
A Collection!

Off to the WWI-WWII Airplane Zone!

The Fighter in Action with the Star!
The US Navy!
The Sharp Eagle!