Digital Advertising in Travel

Digital Advertising in Travel

This is an interesting topic to speak about. How many of you see the outdoor ads that are shining bright with the sun’s light in the daytime and the neon lights in the nighttime? You just need to scroll down your window to get the best of those ads. Moreover, these ads are one of my favorites as the brands’ communication, whether they relate to new launches, fresh discounts, or seasonal sales, they make me happy! The outdoor is the top touchpoint for digital advertising in travel. You just require the vision to connect the points. The vision starts with being highly effective with creative content!

This Billboard Campaign To Promote The New Grinch Movie Is humorous in Digital Advertising in Travel
“The Grinch” film promotion billboard in America (Credit: Bored Panda)

Sometimes, you see some humorous ads on those billboards and they crack you up like crazy! Well, that’s the power of out-of-the-home advertising or OOH as we know it in short. Its appeal and attraction baffle you at that moment, and you start spreading the word on social media like wildfire. This represents the convergence of traditional advertising (i.e. outdoor billboards), and disruptive online advertising (i.e. social media). Let’s talk more about how advertising has progressed from traditional to digital and both getting along in this article of ‘Digital Advertising in Travel’.

The Power of Social Media & Search Engines

Did you know? When a prospective consumer (the one who is consuming the advertisement), is looking at an outdoor ad, he or she googles or bings the brand information, and/or searches on social media. These consumers search it up to find out what is being advertised and what is being communicated to the mass public. I would do it to research more about a product, a service, or a thought. These billboards always leave us in suspense and curiosity about the advertisement’s story. Hence, the aforementioned convergence happens.

Social Media & OOH Advertising

Traditional mixes with Digital/Online advertising, which makes the art of advertising viral and disruptive. A person speaks to one another, or in a group, and so on. Such power of engagement is essential to a brand’s growth. This makes the marketing decisions effective and powerful enough to create a buzz. Here, engagement is the metric that everyone cares about. This results in millions of dollars being set aside for multiple marketing campaigns consolidated in a marketing budget.

The Power of Mobile Advertising

The Complete Guide to Instagram Ads
A Mobile Ad (Credit: Sharelov Blog)

Everywhere we travel, we have our mobile in our hands. If we aren’t driving, we are on our cellphones scrolling one tab or the other. We are content hungry. Yes, you! Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have grown tremendously with our support. The power of our smartphones has done the trick. So why not target mobile-friendly ads to such mobile users? The world is now technologically advanced and active.

Digital and on-the-go advertising is bound to happen! We practically eat, sleep, and work mobile. Our lifestyles are incomplete without our smartphones. No matter where we click, mobile advertising follows We very know such following routine as retargeting, and in some sense, as remarketing. We tend to consume a great deal of content in the form of articles, social media posts, SMS messages, WhatsApp messages and forwards, news headlines, funny memes, so on and so forth. Similarly, consuming advertisements in a similar format is an added advantage.