Curled up in the Blanket

Curled up in the Blanket

Do you want to be curled up in the blanket? Please do read the below poem and let me know how it was?

curled up in the blanket in winters
curlPhoto Source: Reddit

Caught in between the warm quilt,

Don’t worry, it is only for you that is built,

Why don’t you feel comfortable inside,

Till the time I cook the chicken a bit more fried.

Oh my gosh, where have you hidden?

Don’t you know, to vanish is forbidden!

Come on! Now, let’s eat,

After, it’s sleep on repeat!

The texture of the quilt is sublime,

Oh heavens god, just look at the time!

Ain’t you sleepy, you silly old child,

Or would you prefer to beat the tide?

Vanishing within is a scare,

Would you like to win the dare?

Dark & quiet, do you feel?

How about I lock you with a seal!

The clock strikes 12 & it’s midnight,

Quick, let’s sleep without a fright,

Our snores must carry beyond 3 AM,

Don’t want to wake the evil in harem.

Child, your eyes are open a bit too wide,

What happened my dear, do you want to sleep on my side?

It’s the stomach that is awake,

Sadly, our bodies are on a break.

Mosquitos buzzing, why now?

Looks like, they are on a prowl,

Using the pillows to shoo them off,

Heard the dogs move to their troughs.

For heavens sake, it’s almost dawn,

Yet, I am still not over with my yawn,

It’s peaceful and warm in my blanket,

Eyes are shut & not a sound in the trunket. 

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