Prague famous attractions

Prague Zoo – famous attraction

Love Animals?!! Are you excited? These animals + religious artifacts are only for you from Zoo Praha, known as the Prague Zoo! Loads of animals to see only in the Prague Zoo!! It only costs 200 Czech Krona (approx. INR 600-650) per person. Not bad, right? Also, how do you like the photo with the Lemur?? That is my fan of them all! Just look at it, cute lemur! If you are in Prague, then head to their zoo, as Zoo Praha is one of Prague’s famous attractions.

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Animals within the Prague Zoo – Famous attraction

I had a nice time exploring the complete zoo – it took nearly 3 hours to capture every type of animal. I thought I had missed some. Furthermore, I wish to go back and stay with the animals again! Before you go ahead and look at the pictures of these beautiful animals captured on the lens, please book a date on your calendar to visit Prague and the zoo to visit Zoo Praha – Prague’s famous attraction! I am sure you will fall in love with them as I did. Was I an animal in my previous life? Haha! It’s not always where you go for a walk and see animals to your left and right. For that matter, I haven’t had a peek at the Delhi zoo. Can you believe it?