The Jewels of Berlin

The Jewels of Berlin

Well, yes, you have read that correctly! Berlin’s Parliament (where the Current German Chancellor, Angela Merkel sits), Victory Column (a symbol of WWII) & Brandenburg Gate (the most photographed iconic monument of Berlin) are the Jewels of Berlin!! These three tell tales of the historic moments that the pre-war & post-war Germans and many Europeans may relate to.

The Brandenburg Gate – Jewel of Berlin

the jewels of berlin
brandenburg gate berlin
What a moment in front of the Brandenburg Gate! The Photographic Moment!

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the iconic Landmarks of Germany. It is in Berlin. I had a perfect shot in front of the historical landmark. As per historical facts, it was built on the orders of Prussian King Frederick William II after the temporary restoration of order, just after the Batvalian Revolution. In Today’s Time, it is signified as a start/check post for the road leading from Berlin Capital to Brandenburg a der Havel. It is the symbol of European Unity & Peace.

Brandenburg Gate in World War II

world war II 
jewel of europe
View over Pariser Platz To the Brandenburg Gate June 1945
Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

How Brandenburg Gate looked today

jewel of europe
Captured in May 2019!
Photo Courtesy: @nainachauhan
Brandenburg gate berlin
The South Side Facing Brandenburg Gate in May 2019!
Photo Courtesy: @nainachauhan

Now, let’s move ahead to the Berlin Victory Column! In the German Language, it is called Berlin Siegessäule[Siege meaning Victory & Säule meaning column]. It is located at the CenterPoint of all major attractions of Berlin with the Brandenburg Building at one of the end-points. The Berlin Victory Column is the German Monument that was designed by Heinrich Strack, to honor the Prussian victory in the Danish-Prussian War post-1864. What is the significance of the Bronze Statue, which stands on the top of the Victory Column?

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Berlin Siegessäule – Jewel of Berlin

Jewel of berlin
victory column
Berlin Siegessäule ~ Berlin Victory Column
Photo Courtesy: @nainachauhan

The Victoria Bronze Statue (in the photo below) represents the commemoration of the victories from the combined wars that followed the Danish-Prussian War, namely: (1) Victory over Austria & its German Allies in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 (2) Victory over France in the Franco-Prussian War fought between 1870-71. Berliners (residents of Berlin) had nicknamed the Statue “Golden Lizzy”.

Bronze Victoria Statue

the bronze victoria statue
jewel of berlin
Statue of Victoria on top of the Berlin Victory Column
Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

Had Enough? No right? Hahaha! Well, there is the Jewel of Berlin! It is the German Parliament. The current reigning Chancellor, Madame Angela Merkel sits in the office in this very building. It is one of the major tourist attractions! The building was under renovation at the time of my visit. One of the most photographed buildings in Berlin. Germany enjoyed its economic power status. The mighty Germans believe the Parliament building to be a site for Economic worship.

The German Parliament – Jewel of Berlin

the german parliament jewel of berlin
German Parliament from the front ~ Looks Gorgeous?
Photo Courtesy: @nainachauhan
the german parliament
jewels of berlin
German Parliament from the side
Photo Courtesy: @nainachauhan