Food to avoid on flights

Food to avoid on flights

This is another topic that we must speak about. I have personally experienced horrible food over the flights. Well, some of them did not suit me at all when the plan is at its highest altitude. Maybe, this article will help you in your in-flight journey! Let’s figure out which food to avoid on the flights! What are your favorite food choices? And preferred ones? Well, you can’t get burgers from Mcdonald’s on the flight unless it’s sponsored by Mcdonald’s Corporation itself. That would be something, wouldn’t it? So here goes!


Penne Pasta with Easy Marinara -
Pasta from

Any sort of Pasta is not advisable on a flight. Why? With turbulent flights, it may hamper your digestion if you don’t chew them properly. We tend to not chew our food and watch films/tv on the entertainment system simultaneously. If the pasta is made with alfredo sauce, then it can make you sick with rocketry flights. You may feel nausea and the brain will send signals to your body to freeze and may vomit overboard. Consider keeping a dygine always to help you get free from stomach problems.


Spicy Sriracha Prawns with Basil Recipe by Divya Burman - NDTV Food
Prawns from NDTV Food

Does anyone of you like fish? What about prawns? How about shrimps? You can count these in the seafood section. Is it worth having seafood on the plane? No, I would advise not to eat these food items, if they are on the menu. Maybe you can go for something vegan instead. Vegan is harmless. I remember taking a flight and having to eat prawns as part of the main course and repented my preference 5 mins after. I felt food-poisoned and had to request a dygine from the flight attendant. After, I again requested another medication for the headache. Terrible flight, I still recount. It was a flight from Birmingham to Toronto.

Smoked Chicken or Turkey

Tea-Smoked Roast Chickens Recipe - Andrea Reusing | Food & Wine
Smoked Chicken from

How about smoked chicken or turkey in flight? Got you excited? I bet! But, it is not one of the food items you should avoid on your long-haul journey. Perhaps on a short flight, you can have the same meal, but not on a long-haul one. Since you are up in the air, your stomach is also. I would suggest you eat light. Smoked items can have a reverse effect on your digestion. It may not suit you when you are flying, but when you are still in some restaurant.

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