Winter is coming soon

what to do in winters
naina singh chauhan

Winter is coming soon

Winter is coming soon. When do you think it will arrive in India? Will it be in early November? I am excited about the winter weather as the cold after the hot summers are priceless. Earlier, I used to detest the season; however, it grew on me. How’s it for you in India? Is winter your favorite season too?

What to do in the Cold Season?

Go for a walk in the morning: With touch of dew and cool chills, it’s a wonderful time to have a walk. In the early hours of 5 AM, walking on grass barefeet is an amazing feeling. You have grass, don’t you? If not, head to a park and start walking on the grass there.

Eat peanuts fresh from under the smoked pot: I am sure this is everyone’s pasttime in the freezing cold of India. We see many selling smoked peanuts at every corner of India, especially in New Delhi, the capital of India.

Head to Manali or Gulmarg: As I am fanatic of travelling, I would love to hike to the Manali slopes or to the Gulmarg Trails. I haven’t been myself, but one day I wish to. Have you seen snow in India?

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Drink Hot Chocolate: Winter’s are the major season to sip some hot cocoa. I have started already though. Hot Choc can trump any beverage! Are we on the same page?

Curl up in the blanket: I would do this rather than go outside. I would snuggle up in my warm blanket and watch some movies with baked popcorn. Also, coffee or hot chocolate is on the menu.

Go for a long drive: How cool it would be to go on a long drive with the windows open in the cold. Also, having turn up the radio with some travel music would be a compliment.

How do you get around to beat the cold? Do share your thoughts in the comments below! Let’s get this conversation started!

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