Ardys Exotic Drinks

Ardy’s Exotic Drinks

Are you thirsty? Not only thirsty, do you have spurge of adrenaline rush to have something out of the ordinary? I know I am. Have you heard of Ardys or Ardeshir and Sons of Pune? It just doesn’t manufacture soda and soft drinks, but brew the best exotic drinks in Pune. Each drink reminds you of Pune’s cultural heritage and how Ardys came about. Each drink recounts many memories, which you cherish dearly. How is Ardy one of the most popular beverage joints in Pune? As a family business, it has been very particular about consumers’ perception of tastes and thirst. Mixing drinks with drops of excitement is what they set out to do. After all, being excited to try Ardys is the key point, right? So, what are you waiting for? Have Ardy’s Exotic Drinks!

Ardy’s Main Menu

What are some of the most loved exotic drinks in Ardys, Pune? I am waiting to try these myself! You got to fly yourself to Pune to try at least once! Trust me, you will be their fan! They prepare their colas to baffle you. Simplicity is a form of intricate art. Ardy’s ambiance will always add an extra flavor to your happiness and celebration. These drinks are well within your spending power, and you can order multiple at once. Celebrate with Ardy with every gulp! Let’s check out its super menu and choose which one we would like to try?

  • Ardy’s Orangeade: A touch of orange on your tongue can give you orange vibes. It costs INR 20.
  • Ardy’s Lemonade: A tale of lime mixed with timeless memories. It costs INR 20.
  • Ardy’s Indi Cola: A caffeine-less flavoured cola that is an epitome of the Indian cola. It costs INR 20.
  • Ardy’s Raspberry: When you get mint infused with lime on ice, I present you with Ardy’s Raspberry. It costs INR 20.
  • Ardy’s Icecream Soda: This is Ardy’s unique drink. You take back to the times when you cherished ice-cream. It costs INR 20.
  • Ardy’s Teekha Ginger: With the tunes of the ginger (natural healing ingredient) extract, you can have a ball of a time. You can have it as a cocktail known as the “Devil’s Breath”. It costs INR 20.
  • Ardy’s Peach Melba: A drink that you can consume on its own or with Gin/Vodka mixed with Tonic Water as a cocktail. It costs INR 20.
  • Ardy’s pineapple: with a touch of pineapple, you can feel the essence of exotic fruits. It costs INR 20.
  • Ardy’s Green Apple: Green apples are always good to consume, and much better if it’s in a drink. It costs INR 20.
  • Ardy’s Indian Tonic Water: Though bitter, it is consumed as plain or with gin/vodka cocktail. It costs INR 40.
  • Chaatka Jeera Masala Soda: With a desi touch, they filled the Jeera Masala Soda with the powerful Jeera ingredient which most Indians love to consume post meals. It costs INR 22.

Aren’t these exotic drinks wonderful? I bet you would keep coming to Ardy’s to try it out daily or even weekly! If you are in Pune, check out the place!! You can even contact Ardy directly for any queries or bulk deliveries. Just hit them up at Contact Us. My Advice to you: You got to try these authentic flavors of Ardy, Pune’s oldest soft drink company! I would definitely go with Ardy’s Indi Cola, Ardy’s Raspberry, Teekha Ginger (o yea!), and Chaatka Jeera Masala Soda, if I were you! All of you will be super refreshed!

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