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Sweet Poems in Hindi and Urdu

This section is about the poems that I have written in the Urdu language using the English alphabet. We Indians speak Urdu and Hindi together without us knowing. You can find the below poems in Urdu and Hindi mix. It is quite interesting. Getting to know those words in Urdu can be electrifying. Urdu has been a fine language to study and analyze. Painting pictures with their words is an art that I love to showcase! It may be difficult to go through the poetic text. However, you can always google the words up – no biggie! Trust me, poems are a door to your soul. If you want to have a peak at it, get the poetic language going!

Itr ka shokh

It's...It's It's... So beautiful. - tears | Meme Generator
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Aap itni takaluf na kariye,

Ek boondh itranaraz ho jaayega,

Jaiza itmenan se kijiye,

Ek aansoon apke chehre se nai girenge.

Khoobsoorat Bol

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Masla hai yun jaise ek tarkeeb,

Har kisi ko nai mukammal aisi naseeb,

Farmaye much aap bhi bol,

Khoobsoorat wohi jinke lafvs hai anmol.

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Apna Pyaar Subhanallah

Love yourself every day. Don't wait for someone else to... Self ...
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Jee le apni nazuk zindagi,

Mohatarma, apne pe kijiye yakeen,

Aap hai ek hoor aur ek pari,

Magar, chahtein aapko banati nazneen.

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Before you read on, let me tell you one thing. Confidence is a part of you and your style. Singing in a poetic rhythm instills the confidence nature in you.

Ibadat ho aisi

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Banda haazir hai aapke darbar mein,

Aapki ibadat, aapki waqalat,

Dono hai munasive roz mulakaton se,

Humsein hai koi shikayat aap boliye zarror!