Beautiful Poems in English

Beautiful Poems in English

These poems, in English, have been exclusively written by me, Naina Singh Chauhan! Poems in Hinglish will come soon! They were a spontaneous effort with creative thoughts coming together to form a rhythm! Have a read and comment on your thoughts! I am sure you will connect with them as well. It is a fun read for sure! Don’t you agree? In the end, you will say, “BEAUTIFUL POEMS INDEED”. READ ON! HAVE FUN READING!

Quarantine Life

Quarantine O Quarantine,

You have given us enough time,

Let us play a game of a quarter & dime,

But the chance to play first is mine,

What say, with it are you and I fine?

Corona the fierce

Corona, why are you adamant,

Come on, say na!

You came to our turf,

Is it only ‘coz you wanted to surf?

Travels of Life

Travels are a bliss,

For you to never miss,

“Where o Where should we go”, you may say,

Wherever that makes your day.

Let yourself live & be free to see,

Let yourself imagine as a sweet bee,

Let yourself immerse in the quick breeze,

Stand tight & don’t let that thought freeze.

Travel to a place, a calm place,

A place where beautiful things have a face

A place where mountains exist,

A place where knuckles are no more than a fist.

Bird Song

The birds and their chirping,

Let us all do some watching,

Dogs barking in the car parking,

Families in every neighborhood partying,

Oh, check, where have the boys gone for go-karting?

Naina Singh Chauhan

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