How to book cheap flights

how to book cheap flights online
how to book cheap flights

How to book cheap flights online

How to book cheap flights online? Oh yes! This is one piece of info that you will not resist! You must wonder that each of us knows how to book any flight at cheaper rates! Well, you are wrong! I am sure while booking flights, you will open a website and compare the prices from other similar websites. Am I right? Do you think that just by comparing websites, you get the cheapest ticket on the whole of world wide web? Um, are you having second guesses?

book cheap flights online
cheap flights online
how to book cheap flights online
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Don’t worry, I have got you covered. I guarantee you will save a lot with the below practices. Currently, the prices have surged quite a lot, and they burned your pockets at exorbitant prices. You need to save wherever possible! I have booked many flights in my lifetime (still hoping to book once the Covid-19 phase slows down and commercial flights start in India to my bucket-list countries) and have found the below tips/tricks to be useful. Thank me later! Ha Ha!

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Book by Incognito Browser Window

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Rule #1: Always open the incognito browser and start searching for cheap flights. Why would you do that? To avoid cookies on the computer. Cookies? These are not eatable choc chip cookies. These are tech cookies that are dropped onto your desktop or even mobile phone when you browse a web or a mobile browser, respectively. The cookies track your movement, and since it can hint to another website that it is tracking the user behavior, that website cunningly will increase the prices of the flights that you search for again. So, what’s your lesson? USE INCOGNITO BROWSERS!

Book after 10 PM

Rule #2: Book after 10 PM! Crazy idea, right? But, it’s an effective hack! What is the USP for this trick? Well, after 10 PM, flight bookers are tired after spending their time since morning to get that cheapest flight (some may don’t after a tiring day). They relax and spend time with family. Hence, the space is open on the web to still find great flights. Prices also droop at their lowest, as people are inactive online after 10 PM, especially for flight bookings. Their mindsets are such. So catch this magical time and BOOK AFTER 10 PM!

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Book on days that give good cashback

Rule #3: This is a fun rule! Check for all meaty discounts and cashback days! They provide cashback on all bank debit and credit cards! Major travel booking sites had these special compliments for the travelers. For example, on Saturday you can avail of up to INR 4500 cash back for international flights and INR 2500 for domestic flights in a single flight booking (These rates may vary as per the cashback providers)! They will award your cashback within 60 days of confirmed travel. How cool is that? Super discounts and confirmed cashback. This is an amazing deal! GO FOR THE CASHBACK AND DISCOUNTS!

Cheap Flights Booking via Different Websites

Rule #4: Keep checking different websites for the cheapest prices. Please don’t stick to one travel ticketing website. Have multiple opinions on your ticket prices. Also, if you have visited a couple of sites before and want to revisit the same websites again, make sure you clear the cookies in your temporary files on your computer each time. If you don’t clear the cookies, the prices of the flights you had checked previously will definitely rise. You may not realize the inflated prices. This is a psychological trick that each travel website’s owner brings forth in front of the average consumer. Some may be smart enough to figure this trick, some won’t. These websites en cash on the consumers of the latter kind.

Keep trying such hacks and you will be satisfied with your flight booking investments. You will be tension free and can further invest your savings in more productive avenues.


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