How to stay alive in the cold

how to stay alive in the cold

How to stay alive in the cold

Well, isn’t this a question that all you are thinking about? It’s freezing here in India. It’s cold! Oh my god, it’s freezing! In other parts of the world, snowstorms give rise to mounds of snow with 25-30cms of snowfall daily! You read that right! It is the current weather pattern in Canada, at least. The USA has a lower amount of snowfall. How to stay alive in the cold? I am cuddled in my blanket with the radiator to heat the rooms. Wearing three layers and a pair of socks is what is keeping me warm. What about you? What else am I doing to feel warm in this treacherous winter?

Tips to stay warm in the cold

Some pointers will not harm you. It will only make you feel warmer just by reading these tips that I suggest. Imagine yourself near a hot bonfire with shawls wrapped around like a cross-body bag. Next, follow the below tips, and you will do just fine!

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  • Get yourself two blankets – One can be a quilt and one a comforter (I take both)
  • Wear an everyday fleece or a sweater while you sleep, along with step #1. It will make you comfortable
  • If you are watching some shows in another room, leave your heater on for that time frame only
  • If you desire chocolate, then make hot chocolate for the night (midnight beverages – get the jaggery one from Tiggle)

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  • Warm yourself with woolen socks before bedtime
  • Avoid cold water and drink hot water in a flask that keeps the water hot for longer periods of time
  • Bath yourself with hot water – it will relax your mind, body and soul (preferably with coffee-based body washes) e.g. mCaffeine
  • Workout extensively with dance or aerobics in your fitness routine
  • Eat chawanprash daily for a year – your body will be warmer than before (you would not need many woolens then)
  • Drink warm milk before bedtime – it will calm your nerves, and you will enjoy your sleep
  • Consume warm green or chamomile tea before slumber – it will soothe and relax your body
  • Drink hot coffee if you need too – but make sure it’s hot enough to drink (who likes cold coffee?)
  • Feast on dry fruits in winters – it will help you keep warm (but in limited quantity – don’t overdose!)

Are you going to follow my tips, or already following? Did I step into your footsteps to know you (my readers) a little better? Keeping warm now? I hope these tips will keep you sane and happy!