Top 5 Fashion Travel Trends in Summer

TOP 5 Fashion Travel Trends in Summer

How is quarantine treating you? Having fun? Yes? No? Then we should engage in something fun! What say? Let us think of the best and top fashion trends in the summer season! You would love to dress up well and look good right? Well, it’s up to you! I would love to dress well but for loving my pajamas in quarantine! HAHAHHA! But, what if quarantine doesn’t exist in the later months? Prepare your ideas now! Or maybe give me suggestions as well and the readers of this blog! I shall tell you about my fashion choices! It includes my favorite dressing styles! You can mail me your fashion choices at Awaiting to hear from you! I shall publish your choices in this very blog!

The Peplum Top with Denim Shorts

Peplum Top by Forever 21

Denim Shorts by Aeropostale

Styled in Karlovy-Vary (Czech Republic)

Green Peplum Top
Shot in Karlovy-Vary

The Embroidered White Top with Denim Shorts

White Embroidered Top by Promod India

Denim Shorts by Aeropostale

Styled in Prague (Czech Republic)

White embroidered top Promod India
Shot in Prague!

Classy Denim Jacket with Pink Shorts

Classy Denim Jacket by MaxMara

Pink Shorts by New Yorker

Styled in Prague (Czech Republic)

The Little White Lace Dress (LWD)

Little White Lace Dress by American Eagle

Styled in Lisbon (Portugal)

Little White Dress American Eagle

The Skater Dress

Greyish Skater Dress from H&M

Styled in Old Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Grey Skater Dresss H&M

Naina Singh Chauhan

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