What is my Story?

I am a self-motivated digital advertising professional, and I use my leisure time to develop this travel website. ~ www.travfashjourno.com. It was my dream to be a known figure in the world of Digital Content.

Having done my undergrad specializing in BSc (H) in Economics, Maths & Stats from the University of Toronto, Canada along with 3 months of Summer School at Harvard University, I came back to India to settle down. The same year, I started towards an MBA in Media Management and was awarded the same in 2015.

Why Blogging?

I am fanatic of content. Content in any form amazes me ~ Blogs, Short Videos, Web Series, Films (incl. Short Films), Books (Fav Genre – Crime Fiction), Writing, Poetry & Song Writing. I can endlessly watch Netflix/Prime hours away, as well as read my fav genre of Crime Fiction quickly! I have a knack for photography too! I believe content breeds from Imagination and one’s imagination is an Art! On top of it all, I am very much active on Social Media notably, Instagram & Facebook. I also have a Facebook page to showcase photographic tales.

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