Netflix and Chill


Netflix and Chill

Netflix & chill have become our slogan. Its use has been accelerated ever since the pandemic hit the world. What more to do than just sitting at home and working from home? Isn’t there something more interesting to do? I would say “Netflix and Chill!”. It has become our phrase in our speeches.

How have I expressed my feelings for the video content on Netflix? Many people have dismissed my watch hours – I bet it’s much higher than an average individual. My mind sways to the tunes of the musical shows and films. The imagery is very strong and speaks 1000 words. Don’t you agree? Well, deep dive into my poem (below) and you will know how exactly I feel!

Watching films is my way of recognizing art,

Also paves way for me to dream of pop tarts.

TV series, documentaries, and music videos,

As far as I know, we have nothing to lose.

Why so much time spent on entertainment?

A sweet question that didn’t even cost a cent.

Storytelling is a concept I absolutely cherish,

In the midst, food on your plate may perish.

The pandemic has got us thinking,

The movies have saved us from sinking.

Jumping into the media bandwagon is inevitable,

So, let’s stick with those that are not malleable. 

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