Online Films Advertising

Online Films Advertising

Films, and advertising. They are a perfect pair, right? Who would know the pair would be a hit one? After having 6+ years in the advertising industry, I got to know!

How many of you are film buffs? What about on the web? Who loves Netflix? or Disney+ Hotstar? Prime Video? Any other OTT platform? Why am I asking all this? The reason I am asking is that there are many hidden secrets of these content platforms. Such relate to the ‘Online Films Advertising’. You must be watching a piece of content as a web series, documentary, or film. How do brands monetize on it? The advertising that you missed and was in front of your eyes, is now made public! You can see many people talking about it in great numbers on any social media platform – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Does Pinterest count as a social medium? I believe not.

Types of Advertising Strategies

What are these strategies that people talk about and make the film/web series content viral? How do these strategies relate to a brand’s marketing goals? Earlier film and television didn’t have much importance with the digital conscience. They weren’t in congruence earlier until digital progressed with a bang, where the majority of the worldwide audience was tech-savvy! The emergence of desktops, laptops, and smartphones shaped consumer perceptions. Traditional & digital forms of advertising converged! However, everything will be explained momentarily.

  • Moment Marketing: This is a marketing strategy that focuses on the content as a nucleus and communicates the experience of a brand by revolving around the same nucleus. Let me cite you an example. Have you heard of the recent #moneyheist marketing mantras? It has become viral with major brands partnering with the Netflix’s top blockbuster web series! For the brands, producing content around the Money Heist, it is a jackpot for them earning millions from this. You must have seen imbibing their vision into the most widely consumed content. Consumption is important for every brand surviving on the earth. Consumers are the audience. Brands such as PayTM, Zomato, Brand Agencies etc. had their creatives promoted on every social media possible. I could see them majorly on LinkedIn. Also, they have integrated out the moment marketing strategies within ATL & BTL advertising from the digital adverts. Brands such as PepsiCo have been pioneer in producing golden cans/bottles to provide for a golden ticket to be a part of the Money Heist watch party in partnership with Netflix. Pepsico India has been successful in carrying out this strategy. It’s buzzing on Instagram!! Storytelling content is inevitable in moment marketing!
  • In-Films Advertising/Piggy-backing: What about mentioning the brands’ names in midst of a show online? This is web advertising! it is the content advertising, which I am sure of! Oh hey, since we are emotionally connected with the series or a film series/documentary, we are emotionally connected with the brands portrayed/used. You can feel the connection, can you? I sure can! I would want to experience the same brands that the film cast had their hands on! This is one logic that you can think of, if you step in the shoes of the viewers/audience. You know how frenzy and excited these entertainment audience can be.
  • Contexual Based Advertising: Now this is something interesting. Try to guess? This is the story of the online film and series content itself. Wait a minute, really? How can that be? Since advertisements have a story enacted upon or a moral spoken about, similarly, the shows are woven from the very same story thought process!! It’s not really that difficult than you think it is, or is it not? Wait, did I lose you ? You are there with me right? Great!
  • Story Based Advertising: Now this is an exciting one. I don’t think anyone can guess this type of advertising and marketing strategy, that has been a popular kind in the pre and post release of a film and web series. It’s the stories/IGTV/Interviews that Netflix or PrimeVideo or DisneyHotstar+ or any other Content Video Platform would share on their social media. For example, you remember the recent film series, “To all the boys who I have loved before” ? There were three flms in the series. They had done excellent interviews online via Youtube and showcased on India’s & Global Netflix Instagram handles for everyone to experience the film itself. The characters of the show came forward and attempted quizzes and games exclusively for the Indian Audience and even other countries to boost viewership and fanbase. This is a cunning strategy! Additionally, the same was carried out for “Enola Holmes”, and even “Stranger Things”. Even the same had done for “Money Heist”.


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