Poems of the Night

Poems of the Night

Hello readers! It’s the time again where I share my thoughts of the night through a poem, again! I call it the “Poems of the Night”. You have shown much love to my previous poems and wish to read some more again. After a much-needed break, I am here! Why poetry? Poetry is a means by which you can speak freely in a rhyming form or in a song format (may or may not rhyme). I love poetry, do you?

Poems of the Night
The Night Sky (Photo from: Pinterest)

Love thy night away,

We are all here to pray,

Let our thoughts not be astray,

We all have something to say.

Any good? We all have something or the other to say to each other. Why keep the thoughts inside waiting to bubble out in motion? Why not say it there and then? Let’s continue with the second stage of the “Poems of the Night”.

Words carry meaning,

It is you who is leaning,

Is that a mirage that you are seeing?

Tell me what are you actually feeling?

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There are instances where you cannot sleep at night and rely on soothing songs to lullaby you to sleep. Have you felt such situations before?

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