Is travel safe during Omicron

Is travel safe during Omicron?

Is travel safe during Omicron? Well, I have heard mixed reviews from my peers. I would advise you not to travel outside the country yet. Even countries like the UK, USA, Africa (Epicentre), Europe, and other parts of the world are being affected by this lesser-known variant. Try to wait until this omicron fiasco is over. I hope Omicron dies down quickly! Cases are getting higher day by day in India, but please don’t get scared. It’s always nice to meet our loved ones and friends if we are in the same city. In these saddened times, they are the ones who will stand by you and make you sane. Has the third wave started? Will corona die down after Omicron or will it build again? I hope it just vanishes!

Manipur reports first Omicron variant case

India’s Omicron Covid Situation

The situation is bleak for India. As usual, cases are rising with foreign nationals coming to India. Though international flights are restricted, India has accumulated a great number of active cases but faces respite from recovery. Major states affected are Delhi, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh. As of 27th December 2021, there are approximately 6,531 new covid cases in the past 24 hours. You can read all about it here.

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Manipur has recorded its first Omicron covid case. Shocking right? Read more about it here. A 48-yr old man recently visited Tanzania (East Africa) and came back to his home city, Imphal. It was, he got tested positive for Omicron.

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Karnataka has seen a rapid rise in the Covid-19 cases in relation to the new variant – Omicron. As per the media reports, Karnataka’s medical college ‘Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College’ saw 30 students test positive with coronavirus. All latest feeds are available here.

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I hope that it all goes away!