Serbia broke from Yugoslavia

Welcome to Belgrade, Serbia

Sunset at Zamun, Danube River, Belgrade (Serbia)

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. Serbia is the sweetest country in Europe. I totally believe it! It has small connected Islands like Zamun. Serbia broke from Yugoslavia and is situated on the Sava River on merging with the Danube River. Serbia is not a very popular destination among Indians and maybe globally too. But, nowadays, Bollywood movies are being shot in Belgrade and other cities of Serbia ~ URI (a major blockbuster), Baaghi3 (Big budget film), and many others. Also, a major prime time show called “Choti Sadarni” has also been shot! Just look at the above horizon. how beautiful is it? Ain’t it? I could gaze this very view for ages!! The above photograph is taken by me! It was amazing witnessing this sunset! It was magical! Want to see more of such a view! Well, you are in luck!! Let us see how the sun had set & how the sky changed colors from Pinkish Purple to Yellowish Orange!

Sublime Sunset of Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia is also the hub for Fashion Extravaganza! Check out my style! Don’t you agree??

How’s my Style?

Major Attractions of Serbia ~ The Water Landscape

Ahoy Captain! We are ready to sail on the Danube Waters! All Aboard? Hahaha! Let us have a tour of the Serbian Waters and you will not believe it is this water body that compliments Serbia as a country, and it is one of the major attractions. Stops coming up! Please do not lean over as you might fall! If you know how to swim, then please do so! It’s really inquisitive to see the history behind the creation of the Serbian nation, identifying how it broke from Yugoslavia.

Cruise Boat on the Zamun/Danube River

I shall be your Host & Dost, Naina!

Welcome to my Travel Ship!

On the Boat, at Zamun Island (Serbia)

Enjoy the sunshine and relax as you travel around the island!! A beautiful country with beautiful views!! Live life to the fullest!

Just WOW!

Enjoy the Sunshine!

More views to enjoy! Lovely, ain’t it!! Are you living your dream? Simply breathtaking!! I feel like going back there again! I am a water baby! Get attracted by water bodies! HA HA HA! You can also check the photos of my travel to the Old Fort of Belgrade! That was a stop that I trekked after the boat trip!

Next Stop ~ ADA BRIDGE

ADA Bridge ~ Serbia’s Main Attraction

If you keep riding the shores of the Sava River in Belgrade, you will come across the ADA Bridge (in the photo above!) This bridge is at the tip of ‘Ada Ciganlija Island’. It connects the Old Belgrade with the New Belgrade. Its design is of Cable-Stayed. Let’s get a closer look! Beautiful na?


Old Sava Bridge of Serbia

The Old Sava Bridge is the bridge that carries cars and passengers over the Sava River to the other part of the Serbian Peninsula/Island. It is the oldest bridge in Serbia and the smallest! We use it for both car & tram traffic. There are two bus lines & three tram lines that are used via the bridge.