Vienna ~ The Most Beautiful City of Austria !

There, you see the Country of AUSTRIA in Europe!
Courtesy: World Atlas

So, what’s next on the travel list? It is Vienna of course! Vienna ~ Austria. As you can see, Austria is located in the middle of the European Continent! Europe is pretty exciting na? Especially Vienna City! Believe me, I had no idea it could be this beautiful! The most beautiful city in Austria!! I thought it would be an average city. Some people told me that Vienna is so much better than Berlin, and it turned out to be true!! I was in awe! How did I travel??

Traveling on the Regiojet Train !!

I was in Prague before. I took the Regiojet from Prague’s main train station (located within 10 mins from Hilton Hotel in Prague). After 4 hours of train travel via Ostrava (the Border check post station of the Czech Republic), I landed up in Vienna! I was much intrigued by the train journey. The stewards & the stewardess constantly provided us with food refreshments at the best reasonable price ever!!

Which Vienna Station did I reach?

Vienna ~ Austria Hbf Station!

Vienna Austria Train Station 
Wien Hauptabanhof
Wien Hauptbanhof (Main Vienna’s Train Station)
Infront of the Wien Hauptbanhof !
Style: GANT Sweatshirt!

My Solo Travel Around Vienna! How?

Well, I took the HOP ON – HOP OFF Bus to travel solo around the Vienna City. It is pretty fun & useful! Getting around the city in 4-5 hours is just enough if you are free for a day! I had only 12 hours’ time to check out the city as I had to depart back to Prague (my original destination point from India) at 6/7 pm. I had started in the morning hours of 5 am! This bus has 2 routes – blue & red. You can interchange to the red from the blue or blue from the red at the 2 interchange points mentioned in the map as well as the driver! It costs only 13 Euros for 24 hours ticket!

As you can see in the above photos, the tour bus had audio in many languages for the comfort of the tourist passengers. Not everyone knows Austrian or German or French or even English! You will not believe ~ it even has an audio translator for ‘Hindi’ language too! I found it amazing! Was switching between English & Hindi audios! Ha haha! Also, it was a windy + sunny day in Vienna! To better prepare myself, I took my #GANT Sweatshirt & #GAP Tshirt to keep warm! You can gladly copy my style!! Your reviews are gladly welcome!!

Need a Hotel?

If you are looking to stay in the city for a longer period of time, I surely will help in finding a great hotel for you! Right downtown! Just click on the image below and start searching!

Hotels for Vienna!!

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