Rain Rain Rain


It’s the monsoon season! Yay for this! It’s raining! The heat was killing me and everyone! Right? We were like scrambled eggs in the scorching heat! How about another poem to make your day? Rain! How cool is this weather? Complete India is experiencing the joy that they always hoped for. Let me recount some interesting facts of the ‘baarish’ that you all are experiencing!

  1. We may cover it with ice, but Antarctica gets only 6.5 inches of rain or snow per year, making it the continent with the lowest annual rainfall by far.
  2. On Venus, and other moons and planets, raindrops are made of sulfuric acid or methane. 
  3.  If you see a cumulonimbus cloud (a tall, puffy cloud that looks flat at the top), or a nimbostratus cloud (a flat low-level gray cloud), you can be fairly certain that rainfall is in the 24-hour forecast.
  4. Water doesn’t smell like anything, so why does rainfall produce a pleasant aroma after it falls? Well, it’s because of a molecule, called geosmin, created by soil-dwelling bacteria. When rainfall happens, it creates air pockets, which contain small amounts of geosmin. The raindrops trap and then releases these air pockets, dispersing geosmin into the air, where it’s free to travel to human sniffers. The smell of rain even has a name: “Petrichor.” 

How cool are these facts? You can read more about it on RD.COM (The source of my facts).


An Ode to Heavenly Showers

In the heavenly realm, let it rain!
Our Holy God, please understand our pain.
Shower us with blessings,
It’s the monsoon with good bearings.

Sneezes Peezes, Acchoo Sniffchoo!
It’s no time to play peekaboo!
A soup to heal,
It’s a good deal to seal!

Any memories please don’t conceal,
Let’s sit tight and enjoy a mask peel,
Any chips and salsa, would you love?
And how about a couple of doves?

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