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Hey All! Had fun reading my previous set of poems ranging from Hindi, English, Mix of Hindi & Urdu, Motivational & Travel poems? Oh, I am forgetting one more set of poems ~ a Poem written by a Guest Writer! Great, ain’t it? Now, I would like to display my poetic skills once again with the third episode of my travel poems! I am sure it will inspire you to travel more and to very scenic places that you have not yet discovered! I have written it in my mother tongue but using English Alphabets (Most commonly known as the ‘Hinglish Language’. Quite funny no? Let’s get at it, shall we? Please do read on my Travel Poetry and let me know how it was.

Fashion (Pehne Kapde) & Travel (Ghumne Chale)

hollywood travel
Tourists in the USA!
Source: LittleIndia.Com

Pehnke Kurta Dhoti,
Assi chale ghumne Cincinati,
Jab sooraj dhale pedhon tale,
Kya hum jalebi khane chale?

Hum aaye hai apne bharat se miloo door,
Magar paaye hai ek khubsoorat noor,
Pyaar hai viraan duniya se bhi,
Aao chalon ek nayi jagah Phi Phi.

Game of thrones ka kabi varnan kiya hai?
Kyaa baat karte ho! “Yeh kaun hai”, aeh Le!
Anokhi kahaniyan hai rajaon ki,
Par ab nazara badla aur hum chale Bali!

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Life (Zindagi) as it Comes!

travel poetry travel escape
Take Life as it Comes & Make room for Travel!
Source: Quotes.Land/travel-for-life

Zindagi yun jeena kyun?
Bin baarish is hawa ko kyun rok loon?
Hum na jaa paaye abhi,
Banate hai ghumne ke jalwe fir kabhi!

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Food (Roti) & Travel in Amreeka/Kanedda

North Indian Cuisine
(Can be found anywhere in Travels a.k.a Indian Restaurants!)
Source: Blog.ShantiTravel.Com

Hum chalein Amreeka ya Kanedda,
Aap, main aur apka pyaara laadla,
Hawa jo chale ek khaas ruk leke,
Chalo, idhar ek roti saath mein seke!