Quarantine India Diaries


How have you been spending your time in quarantine, time away from the Covid-19 Delta Variant Outbreak? How is it for us Indians spending time at home? Are we able to go outside? What is the situation like? What are our pastimes? You have these questions on your mind, right? Let’s check out my quarantine India diaries! I know, many nations have received their first dose in greater percentage and in fulfilling the population% goal for the second dose. But, India has a long way to go. Vaccinations are happening daily in large numbers. We hope to complete our vaccination goal soon! In the meantime, let’s discuss our diaries.

Enjoying the Monsoon Rains

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Monsoon, O Monsoon. You have finally arrived up the northern plains! You have finally arrived in Delhi! Please don’t go. You are always welcome. Let’s together beat the summer heat! This is my ode to the godly rains across North India. I have admired the rain. It’s a relief against the thwarting rays of the sun and its humidity. Just gazing at the heavy winds blown amongst the trees, and even human pedestrians waiting to be knocked out (I hope not, I have written it as a pun). We thank the weather gods for the rainfall and hope to pray day after day until winter sets in.

Dream and sleep

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This is my favorite past-time. I am a dream phobic person. It’s very rare that I sleep with no dream, and having blank sleep. Maybe my subconscious mind is at work – actually, I know it is at work. Sometimes, my dreams are scary as it gives me a vision for the reality of this world (maybe premonitions or some sort? I, too, I am deciphering its meaning).

Am I close to becoming an Empath? Do you believe in all this? Well, if you are into sci-fi and such verticals of content, you might be! But, I sleep to dream. Maybe, I want to believe that my dreams are part of the reality I want to live in. Aren’t we all? Oops, I have led you in a mental mess? Don’t you love to sleep and dream? BTW, has anyone tried sleepwalking? Lucid dreaming (Oh I have several times, it freaks you out, and you have to chant some heavenly peaceful mantras to open your eyes. It is really difficult to wake up in such dreaming states).

Watch films & TV series

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You can provide N number of titles and I shall watch them all! How about a marathon of series or films? Are you up for it? Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, MX Player, Zee5, Lionsgate, Sony Live & Many more! I am particularly excited about HBO Max’s entry into India (as part of their launch in South East Asia). It is about time!

They have wonderful content to look into! My favorite genre is Horror, Supernatural, Sci-fi, Romantic Comedies, History/Mythology, Comedies, Adventure & Novel/Comic Book Adaptions! Action is one genre that I will watch if I have nothing better to do! What are your favorites? If you give me 24 hours to spend on such content, I will do it willingly. Are you a film buff too? I can discuss films and TV shows non-stop in any conversation. Also, I am exploring more titles on other platforms. OTT, I feel, is an experience of self-gifted.

Read & self-educate

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Reading is a relaxant, at least for me. I can read several books each month – fiction or non-fiction. I am a fanatic of Crime/Detective/Supernatural novels. You have creative juice in them which entices me to keep reading. Also, researching about various topics side by side in advertising, content, films, research, etc. also gives you memory and a knowledge boost. You will feel good studying such topics and adding material to your knowledge bucket. The powerful use of LinkedIn and YouTube Video is a content booster. It has been changing many mindsets and diversifying the awareness/skill-set space. You know right, the deeper the knowledge, the better it is? It is never exhaustive, only elevating.

Dance with music

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Your ear pods or earbuds, whatever you wish to name them by, are your sweet companions. If you are a loudspeaker fan, then the home theater speakers are your companion. Keep the music on loud and sway to its beats. I’ll tell you a secret – it’s only for the readers of @travfashjourno. By dancing, you can be fit as the flow of the music will allow each joint in the body to react happily. It’s exercise as a dance. Well, have you heard of freestyle dancing? Touche! Don’t feel embarrassed. Dance should be a form to express yourself. You can do it at home or in a dance studio – the choice is yours! It will instill confidence and the self-esteem to stand in the public without fear. I have learned to channel my emotions through dance – choreography made on the spot. Why don’t you try?

We have other activities like eating, helping out with the house chores, walking around the house or on the rooftops if the weather is fine, getting hurt by the corners of your furniture, so on and so forth. What are your favorite activities during the lockdown period? So, how did you like my quarantine diaries?? I would like to know 🙂