A Weekend’s Tale

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A Weekend’s Tale

Howdy, all! How are you doing? I am in an energetic mood today. What is the reason? I just completed my workout after many months! Lockdown really got the blues immersed within me! In simple terms, I had lockdown blues! But, I am back again and promise to be more regular – how about a writeup each day! That has been my goal every day. Now, I am going to speak about a poem that you would connect to. Keep reading A Weekend’s Tale & let me know how it is.

It’s the weekend, do I hear fireworks?

Be cautious, its the night that lurks.

Love the drinks, don’t let your soul sink.

Why don’t you try skating in a rink?

What happened? Slightly confused?

How about beat you to a tennis duce?

Sundays are usually fun,

It’s upto you if you consider that a pun.

Relaxation and bird watching,

Is it a thing to do where you are lodging?

How about a chocolate fudge?

I know, it’s hard to budge!

What brings you to my lovely website?

Oh, dont worry you won’t get a fright.

I am hilarious, you might wonder?

Hell yea, let’s be strong as the thunder!

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Naina Singh Chauhan

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