OMG Facts You Didn’t Know About Doctor’s Day

Today is Doctors Day! It’s July 01st! It is an important day to appreciate all doctors worldwide for their combined efforts in healing souls near and far! The journey to becoming a doctor includes breaking many obstacles and pitfalls while pursuing a doctoral degree! One day is not enough but all days are important for doctors. PHD students who complete their thesis become doctors once their thesis is accepted! Kudos to them too! Do you know some facts that you will be interested in! Let’s explore the OMG Facts you didn’t know about Doctor’s Day!

There are actually two different Doctor’s Days celebrated around the world! Here are some interesting facts about each:

India (July 1st):

  • Celebrated in honor of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, a renowned physician, educator, freedom fighter, and politician.
  • Dr. Roy was born and died on July 1st, 1882 and 1962 respectively, making the date a fitting tribute.
  • The day is observed to recognize the contributions of all doctors and healthcare professionals in India.

United States (March 30th):

  • Established to acknowledge the anniversary of the first successful use of general anesthesia in surgery.
  • On March 30, 1842, Dr. Crawford Long used ether to anesthetize a patient during surgery.
  • While the exact date of the first Doctor’s Day observance varies, it’s generally recognized as being held in the 1930s.

Additional Facts:

  • Both observances aim to show appreciation for doctors and their dedication to patient care.
  • Many hospitals and medical organizations use Doctor’s Day as an opportunity to host events and recognize their staff.
  • These events can include patient testimonials, award ceremonies, or simply expressing gratitude to the medical professionals.

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Doctors Day
World Doctors Day
Naina Singh Chauhan

Let’s see how its celebrated globally, at multiple corners of the world.

  • Multiple Dates: While some countries celebrate on July 1st (India) or March 30th (US), others have their own designated days. For example, Iran celebrates on August 23rd, Brazil on October 18th, and Cuba on December 3rd.
  • Historical Figures: Some countries dedicate Doctor’s Day to specific historical medical figures. In Argentina, it’s celebrated on December 3rd, the birthday of Dr. Cosme Argerich, a pioneer in surgery and public health.

Unusual Traditions:

  • Cuba: Doctors traditionally receive gifts of flowers and white coats on their professional holiday.
  • Greece: Patients often bake cakes or bring small gifts to their doctors on Doctor’s Day, a celebration that falls on March 25th, the day of the Annunciation.

Doctor Trivia:

  • The Average Doctor: Has over 40,000 hours of training, which is equivalent to roughly 17 years of full-time work!
  • Gender Shift: While historically a male-dominated field, the number of female doctors is steadily increasing. In the US, there are now more female pediatricians than males!

Funny Fact:

  • Hippocrates’ Oath: This famous ethical code for physicians was likely not actually written by Hippocrates himself but by his followers centuries later.

Without doctors, what would the world come of to? Curing illnesses and critical diseases wouldn’t have become a reality without doctors.