New Web Series

New Web Series

By Sparsh Manu Sharma

We all want some time for ourselves, some time to get away from the staplers and the fingers smashing the keyboard, phone rings, boss instructions, etc. But, how does the new web series come into view? Listen up close!

Simply, sometimes we need some time.

And we get those “Me Time” but in those moments of freedom, we are left with a life-threatening question. What is that question? It is the Question of ” What to do now? Ok, let’s watch something, but what?”. 

There is no need to panic my brothers and sisters because all the Questions have answers except a few. Some examples are: What is our purpose on Earth, ‘what happens after death, what do my loved one’s want to eat, or do they love video games more than me?

Let’s leave those questions over and come to what we were talking about.

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What to watch! Let’s experience the new web series!

With so many OTT platforms comes so many responsibilities for our eyes to bear our binge-watching series, but we can only sacrifice a little sleep so every frame and second counts. 

Our scientists have conducted various entertainment researches and concluded the “A-List” mentioned below:


new web series
  1. Hostages 2 (Hotstar)

2. Naxalbari (ZEE5)

3. Crackdown (Voot)

4. Poison 2 (ZEE5)

5. Mirzapur 2 (Amazon Prime Video)

6. The Family Man 2 (Amazon Prime Video)

7. A Suitable Boy (Netflix)

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new web series

1. Lucifer (Netflix)

2. Money Heist (Netflix)

3. The Witcher (Netflix)

4. The Hawkeye (Disney+ Hotstar)

5. Locke & Key (Netflix)

6. Loki (Disney+ Hotstar)

7. Living with yourself (Netflix)

Well, here are your dumbbells for eyes and some brain exercises!

Make Every Frame and every second count soldier.