The Moon and the Sun

The Moon and the Sun

A poem from the heart

Does anyone know why the moon and the sun are important? What is their purpose in protecting the earth and its evolution? What will happen if there weren’t any moon or the sun? Our lives doomed? OMG! Really? We being non-existent? I love both the moon and the sun. I know both at their extremes can be frightening. The moon, if closer to the earth, can cause the earth’s magnetic field to be stronger than before, resulting in high tides (can be destructive); the sun can literally take our lives with its strenuous UV Rays. It can melt us from within (it was a pun, do not take it seriously). Hope you like my poem 🙂 Do let me know in the comments section.

the moon
Source: Moon & Sun

It’s time for the moon to slip into slumber,
It’s time to take good care of the lumber,
Look! Can you see the birds tweeting amongst each other?
Sounds as if they are planning on an excursion together?

O’ Sweet flight of the sun,
Inviting others just for fun.
We all gather on a sunny day.
Looking for others willing to have a good day.

Watching the horizon makes us happy,
How cute it is to look over a baby in a nappy,
The sun is slowly setting.
It’s the time for the moon petting.

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Was it a good read? Did you like it? Was it a happy piece? Did it increase your love for the moon and the sun? Hilarious right? They are celestial bodies that guide our planet Earth in our solar system, and in fact guide us as well.