Kings Landing – Game of Thrones

Kings Landing (Game of Thrones)

Welcome to the Kingdom of Kings Landing, in Dubrovnik

Panoramic View of KINGS LANDING (Reference: Game of Thrones) – Old Dubrovnik Fort

Things to do in Dubrovnik Old Town

So, what to do in Dubrovnik? Venture into the city and check out the Kayak points of Dubrovnik. They are located just at the backside of the Old Fort. An easy find actually!

The Old Fortress of Kings Landing at Dubrovnik, Croatia
Photo by: The Journo Girl

How about some Dubrovnik tour?

Food is in variety–you will be a fool if you don’t try out their special Croatian and Mediterranean food! A walk in the forest on the island is a sweet troll to speak to the birds and even peacocks! They will not even leave their place even if you come close to them–can you imagine that?? Cool, right? Now the best part, there is a little surprise in this city. Do you feel you had seen the small orange houses somewhere on TV–yes?

Yes, you are right! You indeed have seen the same and major parts of the Old Town in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” TV series! Kings Landing, the Red Keep, Quarth,ois shot in this very city of Dubrovnik! I loved everything!! So why not pay a visit and re-visit and live the GOT life yourself? (By the way, you can have your personal Dubrovnik Old Town tour). And I am planning another trip soon!

Walk with me in the famous square of the Castle Fort of Old Dubrovnik, Croatia. You can spot the places from the Game of Thrones HBO TV series! Spot any yet?

Game of Thrones set for Kings Landing

Wait, there are more places to visit. Keep scrolling down at my photos. I don’t think you will tire of walking and had got up early in the morning, took the bus from New Dubrovnik to the Old Dubrovnik. Walked around the fort for hours. I had food and drinks in the cafe because of the heat.

Tired already? Come one. You have to walk on the ‘Walk of Shame’ path. Remember in the Game of Thrones series, many people had to walk this awful path. But, in reality, it is a fun path! You should definitely visit Dubrovnik!