The Berlin Zoo

The Berlin Zoo – Animal Kingdom!

Berlin Zoo Entrance @ Downtown!

This post is my favorite! It is Zoo time!! That too, the Berlin Zoo!! One of the prominent and talked about Zoos of the World!! Since I took you a tour of the Prague Zoo in my earlier posts, I shall take you on a tour of the Berlin Zoo! I am an animal lover! My face brightens at the sight of such animals. They are so cute & loving!! But, yes sad to see them in cages. But, seeing them actually makes your heart melt and beat faster with excitement! Right? Let us not waste any more time! Photos coming your way!!

So, what to expect?

The Entry fee is just 15.50 Euros! A must visit Zoo!! One of the best parts of your exciting Europe trip!! You get a map to guide you around the zoo, as to where the animals are located. You can come straight to the Zoo, via a local transit bus from the main bus station/train station.

Welcome to the Berlin Zoo!

Gateway to the Zoo!!
Photo Credits: @nainachauhan
Polar Bear Figurine Welcomes you all!! So Cute!!
Photo Credits: @nainachauhan

Let us take a peak at the cute animals within this Berlin Zoo!!

Spotted any of your liking?

Naina Singh Chauhan

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