Ghasitaram India’s oldest sweets

Ghasitaram India’s oldest sweet house

Did someone mention sweets? Sweets? O yea! Who doesn’t love sweets? It’s our Indian delicacy. We love sweets at all major festivals in India. We have been trying various sweet houses that have been recommended to us by our family and friends. But, have you ever been to Ghasitaram’s sweets heaven in India? I am sure you must have heard this name from others. I am sure those who have experienced the quality of sweets must be familiar. Can you believe that Ghasitaram is India’s oldest sweets house? Did you know that it is a 106-year-old company and opening a shop in Pune? You didn’t right? Well, all the details are right here! First, let us treat ourselves to countable Gulab Jamuns. I’ll let you on in a secret: I love Gulab Jamuns! Apart from chocolate, they are my weakness.

Have you heard of the name of Ghasitaram? Well, you must have heard it in an old Bollywood movie. However, it is real! Ghasitaram is real! Its sweets are delicious and worth staring at! Let me share an important fact. Ghasitaram is one of India’s largest manufacturer of traditional sweets and tea time snacks. They are opening their brick and mortar shop as a franchise in Pune. Imagine, a 106-year-old company is now in Pune with over 500 products.

Ghasitaram’s Franchise in Pune

Why dont you all visit the newly opened a franchise in Pune? I am sure all will be happy with the delicious and mouth watering sweets and take away snacks! Come close, I shall take you around its delicacies! Below you can find some dry sweets that you can enjoy at all instances of time! Oh gosh, I am speaking about sweets with my precious readers and feeling hungry at the same time. Consider the irony! My stomach rumbles! Time for some nibbles!

Apart from these freshly baked sweets, Ghasitaram is famous for its namkeen and snacks, along with it’s canned products. Namkeen can be as Aloo Bhujia, Khatta Meetha, Kashmiri Mixture and other such kinds. Canned foods can be rasgullahs or gulab jamuns packed in cans. If I were travelling, I would have taken the canned sweets with me. I am always hungry on the way. Don’t you get hungry on the road as well? Imagine a day’s trip without food or even sweets. How would you feel?

Orders with Ghasitaram

Now this is wonderful – you can indulge in corporate gifting with Ghasitaram! This is wonderful news for B2B & B2C enterprises who wish to secure close ties with their vendors and consumers. In addition, you can have sugar-free sweets prepared on order or purchase them in the shop. What’s more? You haven’t read about the cherry on the cake?

I For Ghasitaram, it’s their sweet bulk orders that they have maintained smoothly. Bulk orders are pretty tough to manage without proper coordination in the preparation and the logistics team. Ghasitaram has been operating systematically, with only positive reviews from its customers. Are you also going to be that customer?

My O’ My, all the talk about the sweets has made me dizzy. Enough talking, more eating! Let’s all try to visit this newly opened a franchise in Pune. The aura and the ambience will blow your mind. Since it’s a century old brand establishment, it has its roots in the manufacturing of its state-of-the-art manufacturing and processing center with a magnificent centralized kitchen at Mahim, Mumbai, Maharastra. They prepare these sweets under hygienic conditions using only selective raw materials with superior quality ingredients in pure desi ghee. The ghee makes the sweets magical. How about a bite?

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