Dreaming to smile

naina singh chauhan
dreaming to smile

Dreaming to Smile

Ever dreamt to smile? I have. I always loved dreaming. Are you also dreaming to smile? A smile is essential for everyone to function as a jolly human. It’s also not at all painful to smile. It will only benefit your mental structure. You will feel confident, enthusiastic of your goals and ambitions, more passionate for the present and optimistic! It’s not that hard to smile, is it? I present to you a poem of mine that will make you smile!

dreaming to smile
naina singh chauhan

The sun is too bright,
Bringing new achievements to light.
Loving the cooler breeze,
Winter will soon give us the freeze.

It’s time to think out loud,
Fancy reaching for the cloud?
Kites are flying high,
Oh, I just wish I had a pie.

It’s a beautiful day outside,
What can I carry to a seaside?
A hat, few books and a sunscreen,
Just look at me, I look like a teen!

Let’s all close our eyes and wish for the best,
Hush everyone, this is not a test.
Dream big, climb to the top,
Aim for the stars just like K-Pop!

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How was the poem? Has it made you smile? Poems are poetic and fun! You can express your inner feelings or desires in just few words in a poem or a story, or even a song for that matter! It’s super easy if you are determined to undertake this simple task!

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