Drops of Elixir – short stories

drops of elixir
magical stories
naina singh chauhan

Drops of Elixir – short stories

What is “Drops of Elixir“? What does it mean? Why am I speaking about it? What kind of short stories does the book contain? I will answer all these questions in my next few prologues. Drops of Elixir represent a collection of short stories meant for younger kids or even young adults. They instill the reading spirit and the realization of their purpose in their lifetime. The book helps one grow and visualize their contribution as an individual. Our lives are all about the magical threads that we knit to create a cohesive community and our laughter medicines. It is a book that I have written with my heart and soul, combining my experiences of all emotions we feel and face in reality. Do have a read, and let me know your experience!

drops of elixir
naina singh chauhan
children short stories

Where to buy the book?

  1. Drops Of Elixir eBook : Chauhan, Naina Singh: Amazon.in: Kindle Store (Kindle: INR 85, Hard Copy: INR 225 (discount of 10%)
  2. Drops Of Elixir: Buy Drops Of Elixir by Naina Singh Chauhan at Low Price in India | Flipkart.com (INR 250)
  3. Drops Of Elixir (notionpress.com) (INR 250)
  4. Drops Of Elixir eBook by Naina Singh Chauhan – EPUB | Rakuten Kobo Malaysia ($10)
  5. Drops Of Elixir eBook by Naina Singh Chauhan | 1230005542963 | Booktopia (Australian Dollars 14.67)
  6. Drops Of Elixir: Chauhan, Naina Singh: 9798885698764: Amazon.com: Books (Kindle: $1.19, Hard Copy: $10)

What kind of stories will I get to read in the book?

Stories are a reader’s best friend. Don’t you agree? You get multiple ideas from a single story. From the following genre of stories, you will be exposed to many creative doors within yourself:

  1. Family
  2. Horror
  3. Dreamy States
  4. Animal kingdom
  5. Travel
  6. Emotions
  7. Love
  8. Sorrow
  9. Angels and Demons (Supernatural)
  10. Santa Claus and Christmas

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So, which kind of story are you interested in? Have you purchased my book yet? In case you have done, do tag me on Instagram. My IG handle is @travfashjourno. Share a review!

SO….have you read it? Have you? Come on, give it a try!