Hollywood Calling ? Let’s fly to Los Angeles, USA!

Who is excited for Hollywood & California? YOU & ME!

Hollywood Hills ~ HOLLYWOOD SIGN ~ California (USA)

Omg, omg! It is time for Hollywood & Los Angeles, California! Let’s fly high up in the air! Finally, We have landed in Hollywood California! Amazing isn’t it? I totally was excited! I had landed at the very famous LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) from Belgrade, Serbia (the previous destination from New Delhi, India). 1st Stop was to the Pacific Ocean & Santa Monica Town of LA. Then, the HOLLYWOOD SIGN!! Our Motel was right at the Heart of Hollywood (behind the Chinese Theater where they showcase the OSCARS)! It was a fine ride with a lot of scenery captured on the way from the Lufthansa airplane (P.S. Photos coming up soon!). There are more stops along the way apart from LA (Los Angeles) ~ Yosemite National Park & San Francisco are also covered! Alot of photographs to check out! Stay Tuned!

Let’s touch the Pacific Waters ~ Pacific Ocean & Santa Monica, LA!

A Boat Sailing on the Pacific Ocean ~ Santa Monica, California, USA
Welcome to Santa Monica!
The Pacific Park & Gaming Arena!
Beach Side !
The Santa Monica & Pacific Ocean Skyline!
The Ferris Wheel (Seen in movies?)
Ooops, where did I land in ? It was freezing! The Pacific!

I had a blast soaking my feet in the Pacific Waters! It was freezing! The sun took time to come out! But, it was fun! I was at Santa Monica (Sister Town of Los Angeles!), just right at the Pacific Ocean! It felt surreal! Los Angeles is known as the “City of Angels”. Santa Monica is a fun place to hang out, sit around in the beaches and relax! Let’s peek into more photographs to make you smile! How did I get there? Flight details also coming up!! And then we shall head to HOLLYWOOOD DOWNTOWN!

Glaring under the Sun! Location: Santa Monica/Pacific Ocean
The Pacific Beach!
Lovely Palm Trees Sight! Location: Santa Monica/Los Angeles/Pacific Ocean
The Interstate @ Santa Monica, Pacific Ocean
The Trees in Action (Opposite the Pacific Beach) @ Santa Monica!

How did I get here? By Flight? YES! Lufthansa Airlines!

The Lufthansa Airline!

I had flown from Belgrade via Frankfurt in the most enjoyable airline in the world ~ Lufthansa Airlines. It is of German Descent. Its services and entertainment as well as comfort made my travel worthwhile. I would take the same in the future travels as well! I slept like a baby while taking frequent naps in the flight! Let’s check out my travel journey to LAX!

Awaiting Boarding . . .

Flight waiting to board!
Off we go!

Ready to Fly! Flying among the Mountains!

Finally, landed at LAX!

Naina Singh Chauhan

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