Power of the Soul

Your Soul is powerful

Power of the soul

How about some power to your soul? To regenerate your aura and to rejuvenate your energy? Come on, read on! I am sure you will feel inspired to write a poem of your own! Right? Poetry is such a fine experience of putting your thoughts on a platform (or even a paper in a diary). What do you think?

The Power of your Soul

Power to your soul
You have the power to your soul
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Learn the best parts of your soul,
Pretty much all is there in a bowl,
Better not cry,
There is not much to try.

A path you must go on,
Before you are reunited with the dawn,
It is the night that feeds,
Makes you fuller with deeds.

Yet, you need to be strong,
Think of our life as a song,
Stand tall and be wise,
There is no one better than your size!

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Do you relate to the above poem? How do you relate? Do you feel some great vibes in your body? Sort of poetic therapy? I am sure you feel motivated to achieve your goals that are lurking at the back of your subconscious mind. Yes, there are goals that you don’t realize unless their presence alerts you for the same. It comes instantly. Many times I have been hit with ideas that I myself didn’t think I would be thinking of! Life shows many ways of reuniting your unsaid thoughts/words through one medium or another. My medium is my website that you are currently browsing upon. What is your medium? You know you can throw those ideas out of your head and onto a piece of paper for a start (if you are confused about how to pen your words down). Trust me, it’s a sweet exercise that you only need 5 minutes in a day to do.

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