Biological Form of Corona Virus
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Hey everyone! I am sure you know that globally, all flights have been stopped/reduced by the country’s respective governments in order to contain the Corona Virus to the minimum! It’s advised NOT TO TRAVEL until the travel bans have been lifted and the Virus has been controlled. Countries such as USA/Spain/Italy/France/Germany are TOP 5 that have been affected currently! They have surpassed China & South Korea! Imagine!

Coronavirus can be infected in animals apart from Humans. In recent cases, a Tiger at Bronx Zoo had been diagnosed with a mild stage of the Corona Virus. Some dogs also had been infected globally and died few days later. Keep your pets in care and also social distancing is a must! This infection is pretty viral! It has likes of the Spanish flu of the 1920s! As per WHO, they are investigating the human transmission of coronavirus to pets and other animals. “We’re aware of two dogs that have been infected in Hong Kong, a cat in Belgium and we’ve heard recently the reports of a tiger at the Bronx Zoo,” Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead on the outbreak, said during a press conference.

South Korea & China had initiated the lockdown much before and controlled its first wave of coronavirus infections. But, can we say the same for China? What about Korea in the coming weeks as well?

South Korea Preserved the Open Society and Now Infection Rates are ...
South Korea
Source: American Institute for Economic Research

Earlier, China has successfully controlled the infection within the country. They have lifted the lockdown. The lockdown was for 76 das. They have started commercial operations and businesses. Also, flights will be operational as well. Many Chinese residents of Wuhan are leaving Wuhan to prevent further infections and troubles. Any mode of transport they could take, the Chinese are exiting Wuhan by car, train & plane. Source Credit:

China's Wuhan ends coronavirus lockdown but concerns remain ...
Chinese citizens leaving Wuhan
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But now, the second wave of Coronavirus infections have surfaced in China. Over 100+ cases have formed a part of the second wave. The Chinese are scared about what will happen next and how many more cases will they end up within the second wave?

China Faces Second Wave of COVID-19; Records 1,378 Imported ...
Fresh Covid-19 cases in China
Second Wave!


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What exactly is Corona Virus?

What is it’s symptoms?

Symptoms of the Coronavirus
Symptoms of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)
Source: CDC, USA Today

India, my home country, is close to 10,000 deaths. Major tests haven’t been conducted due to a shortage of testing supplies. This is only the benefit of their citizens. Almost everyone (except for Essential Services workers) have been told to WORK FROM HOME (WFH). The next coming two weeks are crucial to control the Pandemic Virus and tell the virus that we are stronger than it thinks! Won’t we? We will beat this virus! Stronger the better! Praying for India & the World!

We are definitely Stronger!
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Do’s & Don’ts

First of all, you need are the following items & can be found in the nearby pharmacy (or you can call them on their helpline for free delivery):

  1. N95 respirator masks (take an extra in case the first one gets dirty)
  2. Dettol Sanitizer
  3. Handsoap (need to wash your hands at least for 20 seconds)
  4. Handkerchief
  5. Napkins/Tissue Paper
  6. Mosquito Repellent Spray (to avoid Mosquitos)
Source: Government of India


Current Scenario

Updated on 13th April 2020 18:49 GMT (23:19 IST)

We have 18,89,995 global confirmed infected cases with 1,17,653 deaths & 438,191 recovered from 210 countries & 2 International Conveyance(s) ~ The Diamond Princess docked at Yokohoma, Japan & Holland America’s MS Zaandam cruise ship!

Active V/S Closed Cases
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Stats from Corona Virus World Meter

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