Los Angeles ~ Other Major Attractions

Other Major Attractions of Los Angeles!!

Sun Bathing! @ Rodeo Drive Area!

There are other major attractions in Los Angeles that you can cover during your visit. Keep atleast a week for Los Angeles (I only had 2 and half days!!). You can visit the Griffith Observatory (bit further away from the Hollywood Sign), Rodeo Drive (Fashion Hub with Brand Stores) & the very popular celebrity neighborhood of Beverly Hills!! Look below, you can see me standing around each branded shop possible & in the park area of the Griffith Observatory (direct opposite the Hollywood Sign!)

Rodeo Drive ~ A Shopping Paradise

Standing at Rodeo Drive!

Rodeo Drive is the lane that invites shoppers to spend heavily at exciting & luxurious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dior, and many others! Also, you have great coffee shops such as green bean cafe (the one I visited to get a cooler!). I took lots of pictures to remember this district! I even saw a supercar! Try to guess which one it is? Btw, I am wearing Shorts by #Aeropostale, Crop Tee by #Westside & Goggles by #Forever 21 and the Hat from Croatia!

Ride for Today? Ha haha! Spotted a supercar!!
Can you see DIOR?
Salvatore Ferragamo Shop!
Dolce & Gabana Store!
Rise & Shine in the LA Wonderland!
Vroom Vroom @ Rodeo Drive!

The Griffith Observatory

The entrance of the Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is like an open beacon to space gazing. It has a telescope via which you can spot the evening or early morning planets like Venus, Saturn, Mars & Jupiter. Neptune maybe during 7 PM timing. Infact, you can even see t he moon up close! How cool right? Do you admire and love intersteller objects or space discussions? It is a few kilometers trek uphill to this place. I had taken a taxi but you can even walk if you are fitness freak.

I from Griffith Observatory & Hollywood Sign in the Background
The Griffith Observatory in the Background with ViewScopes!
Can see the Los Angeles Downtown Skyline in the far-middle
Beautiful Capture!
Say Cheeze & Trek!

Welcome to Beverly Hills!

Welcome to Beverly Hills Residency!

Beverly Hills is the home to many Hollywood Celebrities & Pop Stars! The homes are very lavish, surrounded by huge Palm Trees! Their residential estates stretch to many acres of land! If you have time, you can take a bus tour to check out their homes from the outside! Pretty cool right?

Me in front of the Sign!
The Palm Groves Along Beverly Hills!
That’s me! Ha ha ha!